At the Time of Loss

Our thoughts and prayers are with you amidst this time of sorrow and loss. God’s blessings to you for comfort, grace, love and strength. Cross Lutheran’s pastor, staff and congregation are here to be of assistance to you through this course of funeral planning and grief.

If your loved one has recently passed away, please call the Cross Lutheran office at 715.749.3551, to talk to someone in pastoral care ministry. If you call outside of normal church office hours, please carefully listen to the voicemail prompts. It will direct you to an emergency contact and phone number. 

Funeral/Memorial Service

If you plan to have the funeral/memorial at Cross Lutheran,please contact our pastoral care ministry staff person. They can help you with funeral/memorial service and reception arrangements.  Our pastor will typically meet with the family to discuss the order of service.

Funeral Preparations

It is often difficult for families to make decisions regarding funeral arrangements at the time of the death of a loved one. They often wish they knew the requests of the one who died. This is a chance for you to reflect about your funeral/memorial plans. You may use this as a guide for your thinking and may use it to make your personal desires known to the pastoral staff of Cross Lutheran.

If you are anticipating the death of a loved one, our pastoris available to aid with planning and preparations. The pastor can also deliver communion, pray and visit with the family and loved one before death.

Health Care Directive

Health Care Directive forms are available Wisconsin Board of Aging website

Photographs and Keepsakes

Now is the time to find old photographs and keepsakes. You may want to consider which photograph you would like to go with the obituary or inthe bulletin, pictures to display at the visitation, etc. Also, you may want to think about and discuss other mementos that you want at the visitation or poems or other readings you would like shared during the funeral/memorial service.