Gathering to as a community of Jesus followers to hear God’s Word, respond to God’s grace with offerings and praise, enables us to be prepared and directed in the power of the God’s Spirit into our everyday lives with confidence of God’s promise.

Bible Study

Taking time to read and discover the scriptures in order to know God’s ongoing story of a promised and preferred future, helps us to fit into that story in our everyday lives.


Holding a conversation with God, both individually and as a congregation, lets us open our hearts to listen to God’s voice. Speaking praise and seeking requests in the expectation that God listens and responds.

Dynamic Relationships

Investing in important relationships with others in our spiritual community encourages purpose, accountability, encouragement, and sharing in God’s promise for the world. 


Using our unique combination of gifts and talents to contribute to the needs of our neighbors for the shared good of all. 


Setting the needs of others as the importance in our lives, giving of our time, talent, and treasure to benefit the congregation and community.

Sharing Your Faith

Reaching up, out and forward to the community around us that may be diverse, even when uncomfortable. Sharing the love and peace of God in joint love and service, with a result of sharing in God’s promise for the world. 

Additional Resources

If you would like recommendations on additional resources, please contact Pastor Sutherland.