Pastor: John Sutherland |

As pastor of Cross Lutheran, I am called to proclaim God’s message of grace given to us through Jesus Christ.

Office Manager: Renee LaGrander |

As the Office Manager for Cross Lutheran, I coordinate all church activities to keep our congregation moving forward.

Director of Children, Youth and Family: Amanda Swanson |

As the Children, Youth, and Family Director, I handle all the Spark (Sunday School), confirmation, and youth group activities.

Choir Director: Barb Dull |

All who love to sing are welcome and loved in this community of choristers.” – Barbara Dull, Choral Director

Wednesday Night Worship Director: Mindy Dykes |

As the Wednesday Music Director at Cross Lutheran, I bring contemporary music to those in the community looking for an alternative service style.

Pianist: Kathy Beito |

As the pianist at Cross Lutheran, I make beautiful music every Sunday morning for our congregation to sing their hearts to God. I also play for our children during Spark .

Custodian: Daniel Kachel

Daniels manages all operations of the interior and exterior of the facility.

IT Director: Jason Fouks |

I am the IT Director for Cross Lutheran. If it has power, connects to the internet, or is in any way related to technology I am probably going to work on it.

2020 Ministry Leader and Committee List