We are grateful for the volunteers who are leading each group. The hope and purpose of these small groups is to build relationships and devotional lives in Christ.

* Book Group

               led by Diane Ullom

* Bible Study 101

               led by Teri Peterson

* Brew and Bible

               led by Dan Tokheim & Natalie Hoppe

* Women and Wine

               led by Megan Spenningsby

* Dinner Group (x2)

               led by Jan Manore, and  Tom & Fran (Heinbuch)Sullwold

* Parents of Younger Children

               led by Nate & Carrie Weinandt


               led by Bill Couch

* Life Transitions & Changes

               led by Mary Roen

* Knitting

               led by Sadie Varela

* Community Gardens

               led by Mike Deneen

If you would like to join one of the following groups, please contact the Church Office.