Welcome to Cross Lutheran Church!

We are a “come as you are” congregation of Jesus followers who love God and each other. We are “Called to Reach…Up, Out, and Forward.”

Parents of small children or students, you will want to learn more about our Bible-based programs for the next generation of Jesus followers. Our goal is to help them become as passionate about pursuing their faith as we are! Parents of small children will want to visit our youth page, which will provide more information and help you save time by pre-registering your kids before you visit.

Of course, Cross Lutheran offers a variety of ministries for all life-stages – from children to senior adults –which you will learn as you look through our website.  We are always eager to share what we believe about Jesus and the Bible.

Lastly, when visiting Cross Lutheran for the first time, plan to visit our Welcome Center, where you will meet staff and volunteers from Cross Lutheran who can answer any of your questions. You may also want to attend our Adult Ministries, which will guide you through a profound understanding of Cross Lutheran, what your unique spiritual gifts are, and how you can use your gifts to serve God at Cross Lutheran.

Thank you again for your interest in Cross Lutheran. I look forward to personally meeting you soon!

Let the promised light of Christ fill your heart today,

Pastor John