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Ramblings by Pastor John

A Church Without Walls

Reverend Erin Nelson, Director For Evangelical Mission, Northwest Synod

Telling of the Christmas Story

It’s Not the Baby Jesus Who’s Needed

Be Like Joe. Really, Be Like Old Joe

Christmas Service By Our Sunday School Kids

Happy Advent, You Brood of Vipers!

It’s Time to Wake Up!

It’s time to wake up and make time for Jesus free of our many distractions that have become status quo. ~ Pastor John Sutherland

Our King Was a Dead Man Walking

On Christ the King or Reign of Christ Sunday we see power and authority in suffering rather than majesty. ~ Pastor John Sutherland

If this can come down…

Apocalypse is not scary but it is revealing. Nothing new can come from holding on to old stones. God works beyond our imagination. ~ Pastor John Sutherland