Hello Saints of Cross Lutheran Church,

Thank you for your patience and generosity during this strange time of pandemic.  You have been missed, and we are very much looking forward to being together on the property again.

We are set to return to in person this coming Sunday, June 7th.  Please be prepared for worship and building use to be different from what we are used to. In person Wednesday worship will resume on 6/10.

Out of love, for all who enter the building, we request that masks be used/worn.  The wearing of masks is also in accordance with return protocols set up by the CDC, Synod and Insurance Companies.   There will be the option to have your temperature taken before entering the building.  Please stifle the impulse to shake hands and to hug. 

There will not be congregational singing for a little while, but we will return to it when conditions allow for our voices to be united in song.   Singing propels the virus further than any other activity and is deemed to risky at this point to incorporate in worship. This will apply to both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evening worship for the time being.

Congregational responses will be minimal, and the worship will be shorter as mask wearing is not comfortable for long periods.  Offering plates will not be passed.  No bulletins will be printed for the next couple of weeks.

In the building we will practice social distancing.  We have pews marked off, and the tables in the fellowship hall will also be used.  The doors and windows between the sanctuary and fellowship hall will be opened to make one very large worship space.   Social distancing will be observed at all points during worship.  Please do not sit in the front pews.  Pastor John will be behind the altar at all points of the service.  In the fellowship hall, every other table will have chairs.  Please do not move chairs or tables. 

Doors and windows will be open to keep as much fresh air flow as possible going.  The fresh air dilutes the aerosols that carry the virus.

If you have a fever or have been exposed to the virus in the last two weeks; we kindly request that you remain at home until it is clear that you are not a carrier. 

We will record the services and broadcast them on YouTube later in the day for folks who do not yet feel safe returning.

We will also try a parking lot service or two during the summer as well, weather dependent, to allow for more singing and responses. 

When you arrive on Sunday please observe the directions of the signs and ushers/greeters.


God Bless,


Pastor John and the Church Council